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Boilers (Central Heating)

Wood-fuelled heating systems, also called biomass systems, burn wood pellets, chips or logs to to provide warmth in a single room or to power central heating and hot water boilers.

A stove burns logs or pellets to heat a single room - and may be fitted with a back boiler to provide water heating as well.

A boilerburns logs, pellets or chips, and is connected to a central heating and hot water system. A wood-fuelled boiler could save you nearly £600 a year compared to electric heating.

Boilers account for around 60% of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.

Replacing an old gas boiler with an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler and improving your heating controls will significantly cut your home's carbon dioxide emissions - and could save you as much as £300 a year.
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Savings in carbon dioxide emissions are very significant - around 7.5 tonnes a year when a wood-fuelled boiler replaces a solid (coal) fired system or electric storage heating. Financial savings are more variable - if you replace a gas heating system with a wood-burning system you might save £100 a year, but if you are replacing electric heating you could save as much as £580 per year.


Who qualifies for a FREE boiler replacement?

There are hundreds of thousands of people across the UK who may be eligible for free boiler upgrade. Under ECO funding customers who qualify under the Affordable Warmth Objective can apply for free boiler replacement as well as cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, nationwide. This scheme is aimed at low income households and offers funding to improve the energy efficiency of properties and reduce energy bills. Have a look at the eligibility criteria to see if you qualify.

Also available under ECO is CSCO funding which provides free energy upgrades to people living in the bottom 15% of the most deprived areas of the UK. This is based on geographic location and is not means tested. For those who do not qualify under these schemes Green Deal may be an option.

Green Deal Centre have used the following web sites to obtain specific and accurate information.

Energy Saving Trust


Green Deal Centre have used the following web sites to obtain specific and accurate information Energy Saving Trust





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